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2-storey houses

Park 115E house project

Park 115E

Usable area1293 sq.ft./120.19 m2
Price £137 900
Park 122E house project

Park 122E

Usable area1309 sq.ft./121.60 m2
Price £137 600
Park 127E CUBE house project

Park 127E CUBE

Usable area1426 sq.ft./132.51 m2
Price £142 000
Park 130E house project

Park 130E

Usable area1410 sq.ft./131.04 m2
Price £139 900
Park 139WE house project

Park 139E

Usable area1580 sq.ft./146.78 m2
Price £154 800
Park 151.3WE house project

Park 151.3WE

Usable area1706 sq.ft./158.49 m2
Price £151 900
Park 153E house project

Park 153E

Usable area1724 sq.ft./160.20 m2
Price £161 300
Plaza 174E house project

Plaza 174E

Usable area1884 sq.ft./175.06 m2
Price £209 000
Park 180E house project

Park 180E

Usable area2102 sq.ft./195.24 m2
Price £185 100
Park 182E house project

Park 182E

Usable area2107 sq.ft./195.73 m2
Price £197 500
Classic 184E house project

Classic 184E

Usable area1993 sq.ft./185.22 m2
Price £192 700
Park 193E house project

Park 193E

Usable area2191 sq.ft./203.55 m2
Price £198 800
Park 201E house project

Park 201E

Usable area2577 sq.ft./239.41 m2
Price £220 300
Plaza 216E house project

Plaza 216E

Usable area2321 sq.ft./215.74 m2
Price £233 300
Classic 237E house project

Classic 237E

Usable area2665 sq.ft./247.67 m2
Price £246 400
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