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Perfect 82E house project

Perfect 82E

Usable area933 sq.ft./86.67 m2
Price £103 700
Perfect 97E house project

Perfect 97E

Usable area1087 sq.ft./100.95 m2
Price £116 600
Perfect 109E house project

Perfect 109E

Usable area1244 sq.ft./115.58 m2
Price £139 300

Perfect 111E

Usable area1244 sq.ft./115.60 m2
Price £138 300
Perfect 113E house project

Perfect 113E

Usable area1259 sq.ft./116.98 m2
Price £132 800
Perfect 119E CUBE house project

Perfect 119E CUBE

Usable area1353 sq.ft./125.71 m2
Price £158 700
Perfect 131E house project

Perfect 131E

Usable area1493 sq.ft./138.70 m2
Price £159 500

Perfect 146E

Usable area1585 sq.ft./147.27 m2
Price £157 900

Perfect 148E

Usable area1594 sq.ft./148.09 m2
Price £160 500
Perfect 142E house project

Perfect 142E

Usable area1598 sq.ft./148.53 m2
Price £158 900
Brave 168E house project

Brave 168E

Usable area1881 sq.ft./174.78 m2
Price £199 500
Perfect 171E house project

Perfect 171E

Usable area1952 sq.ft./181.39 m2
Price £180 300
Sonate 173E house project

Sonate 173E

Usable area1958 sq.ft./182.01 m2
Price £213 200
Brave 176E house project

Brave 176E

Usable area1978 sq.ft./183.84 m2
Price £208 700
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