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Choose Dan-Wood at Graven Hill.

Located in Bicester, Oxfordshire, Graven Hill is the largest self-build scheme in the UK offering many self-build opportunities and a fast-track planning application process.

It's the perfect match: combine the advantages of building on a ready-made site with a built-in infrastructure with a stylish, energy-efficient timber-frame house.

You can also benefit from competitive and transparent pricing, a fast turn-key construction process, energy-saving technology, and experience that comes from building over 9,000 houses in Europe

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"The specifications will far exceed what a builder is going to give you, because you get what you want, on a budget." Maggie Kirkman, first Dan-Wood self-builder to move in at Graven Hill

Take a look at some of the house designs below that are being built, or have been built at Graven Hill, and contact our local representative to discuss the opportunities.

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Dan-Wood South England
Lucy Yendell

88 London Road
Alton GU34 4EL

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Dan-Wood can build your house on a turn-key basis. This means we construct the complete outer structure for you, including the roof, roof drainage, external doors and windows. We also do all the painting and decorating work, the floors are laid according to your choice of tile or carpet, and the bathrooms are equipped with sanitaryware and fittings. This option also includes complete electrical and plumbing installations, a gas boiler and 120-litre hot water cylinder with plate radiators, mechanical ventilation with a heat recovery system, or a NIBE exhaust air heat pump with an integrated ventilation system with heat recovery (supplying decentralised exhaust air centrally) and a 180-litre hot water tank.


Dan-Wood truly cares about the natural environment.

Which is why we work so hard to make Dan-Wood houses as energy efficient as possible.

All Dan-Wood houses have a coefficient of U=0,118 W/(m²K) and a thermal insulation of 30 cms. This thick insulation 'wraps' the house and protects it against both cold weather and overheating.

Dan-Wood houses are also 100% airtight. We achieve this by using special materials to ensure that heat is kept inside the house.

Every Dan-Wood house also features mechanical ventilation with a heat recovery system. This is extremely important in energy-efficient houses, as the continuous exchange of air provides a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the house at all times, and helps to reduce heating bills.

Dan-Wood houses have a B Energy Efficiency Rating which is a measure of its overall efficiency. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the house is, and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. In buying an environmentally-friendly Dan-Wood house, you can then benefit from much lower heating costs.


If you're building a Dan-Wood house at Graven Hill you can benefit from a Solar System at a very special price.

Solar panels can provide up to 60% of the energy required to heat water and support the heating system, so it's easy to see what a fantastic investment they can be.

A solar system comes as two or three high-performance flat collectors on the roof, which convert the sun's rays into energy.

As part of its pro-environmental policies, Dan-Wood also uses the most up-to-date renewable energy systems such as heat pumps, solar systems and photovoltaic panels.


Here are some other benefits:

Save money

Your energy bills will drop, and you can also receive bonus payments for any surplus electricity that is fed back to the grid

Low maintenance

Solar panels only need cleaned a couple of times a year and, with no moving parts, there is little wear and tear

Long-term investment

The initial cost of installing solar panels easily pays for itself in a few years, and it will increase the value of your house

Clean Energy

Solar panels have no negative impact on the environment and do not contribute to rising CO2 emissions.

Dan-Wood offers this Solar System at an exceptional price of £2,895. Talk to your agent to find out more about this great offer at Graven Hill.

We also offer our Graven Hill customers a special package on a stylish Schiedel Kingfire chimney with a built-in fireplace.

A built-in fireplace not only provides plenty of warmth, but looks stunning and forms the perfect centrepiece for open-plan Dan-Wood living. The balanced flue chimney is delivered as a complete unit and integrated in the chimney stack, ready for your choice of finish.

Normally, £8,000, we are offering this to customers who build at Graven Hill for only £2,880.
Talk to your agent to find out more about this great offer at Graven Hill


Safety Package

The Safety Package is installed at the design stage of your house at Graven Hill. It means that if you're leaving the house, or going on holiday, all electrical circuits – except the essential ones – will be switched off with a single switch, which is usually located at the front door. Essential power, such as for refrigerators or heating and ventilation systems, remains on. This means you don't have to check that you've switched off all non-essential devices before leaving the house. The package also allows you to check and control devices remotely on a smartphone, for example, turning lights on and off when you go on holiday. This package is not included in the standard price. Contact our local representative to find out more about this great offer at Graven Hill.

Comfort Package

Provided you have an Internet connection, the Comfort Package gives you control of each individual lighting outlet from a smartphone, from anywhere in the world. You can also create light scenes and have separate control for each floor. This package is not included in the standard price and is available for an additional fee of only £2,000.



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