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Special offer

This month, we’re full of hot air…

Air is plentiful, so to use it as a heat source makes perfect sense. It's also environmentally friendly and very inexpensive. Take advantage of our July 'hot air' offer by upgrading your heating system to include an efficient, space-saving air source heat pump and a 200-litre hot water cylinder from only £1,500*, a saving of up to £2,510!

Your new home will be at just the right level of heat and humidity, with plenty of hot water just when you need it. You'll also have much lower fuel bills, lower home carbon emissions and minimal maintenance.

Make the most of air…

From only £1,500 depending on the house size

Heating Package 6A:
■ Air Source Heat Pump with 200-litre hot water cylinder and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
■ Air source heat pump NIBE F2040
■ NIBE Titanium Megacoil
■ Zehnder ComfoAir Q

This offer is valid for customers who sign a contract for a new Dan-Wood house before 31 July 2018. Offer suitable for house heating loadup to 14 kW, floor heating and a normal water demand (bathtub size max. 170 litres and a shower).
*Depending on house size