Why choose Dan-Wood?

There are many reasons why it’s worth choosing a Dan-Wood house:

  • A fixed price guarantee

    We’ll tell you how much your house will cost right at the start and guarantee this fixed price for 12 months.

  • Plenty of choice

    We offer over 50 standard house designs to choose from, both modern and contemporary; these standard designs can often be modified if you have specific needs or requests.

  • Energy-efficiency

    Green living and low energy bills are guaranteed with our range of building and installation solutions which include superb thermal insulation, solar panels, heat pumps or photovoltaic panels.

  • Complete turn-key start-to-finish service

    The construction of your new Dan-Wood house is professionally managed, from design, assembly and technical installation, right through to interior decoration and fittings. Our Dan-Wood consultants are also happy to help with other aspects of construction that you may need help with, whether it’s obtaining planning permission, costing and installing foundations, or helping to design the tiling plan for your bathroom.

  • Quality Assurance

    We only use the very best building materials from recognised suppliers to build Dan-Wood houses; all work is carried out by our qualified assembly and finishing teams – they’ll not leave the site until everything is finished and you are completely satisfied.

  • Short construction times

    You’ll be able to move into your Dan-Wood house in only eight to 12 weeks from the start of construction.

  • Peace of mind

    We give a 20 years’ construction warranty on all Dan-Wood houses.

  • Experience

    Over 6,000 Dan-Wood houses have now been built across Europe – so you’re in safe hands!

  • Satisfied customers

    We have many happy customers living in Dan-Wood houses across the UK. Many are happy to share their opinions on the build quality and superb standard of living. Find out more here