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Friends and family think it’s a beautiful house. We’re very lucky to have such a beautiful home to share with our grandchildren and family. Yes, it’s our forever home, definitely.
Bill and Jess
The specifications will far exceed what a builder is going to give you, because you get what you want, on a budget.
Maggie Kirkman
At first we were sceptical about Dan-Wood's claims on the energy efficiency of this house, because this house is a lot bigger. This is a five-bedroom and the one we were in previously was a three-bedroom. However, we're actually saving money on the gas and electricity bills so we're really pleased.
Kam and Mandeep
I love the design of the building, the way it looks, the way it sits on the site. I think it's really nice and I just love the whole aspect, the fact that the windows are so large that they go from almost floor to ceiling, so I get a tremendous amount of light in the building which is such a contrast from the old bungalow that was here.

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