The Smart Cottage is 33 square metres and has a studio-stye layout in a functional and comfortable living environment. As with all Danwood homes, the design has been built to maximise space, and to meet very high energy efficiency standards.

Technology in the Smart Cottage includes kitchen, living, and air solutions including LG’s WashTower Compact, the QuadWash dishwasher, a water purifier, the Therma V Monobloc Air-to-Water Heat Pump (AWHP), a built-in electric vehicle charger, four-kilowatt solar panels that produce up to
15 kilowatts of electricity daily, and a corresponding Energy Storage System (EES).

All devices in the Smart Cottage are connected to the LG ThinQ® App, so that home-owners can effortlessly control each device, manage the entire HVAC system, or monitor energy storage and consumption in real-time. LG’s ThinQ can also be linked to the Smart Cottage's safety-enhancing Internet of Things (IoT) accessories, including cameras, motion sensors, and smart doorbells.

Thanks to its compact footprint and pre-installed devices and fixtures, the modular home is easy to transport.

The modular houses that Danwood builds in the UK already come with a number of Smart technology options, including electrical circuits, heating and ventilation systems, security systems and electric vehicle chargers, and the company is working to enhance its Smart home technology in future house ranges.

The joint project with LG electronics was officially launched at IFA, the consumer electronics and home appliances trade show in Berlin, earlier this month.