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Danwood S.A.

Dan-Wood houses are manufactured in the Danwood Plc factory in Bielsk Podlaski in Poland, where two custom-built factories, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, host the production of around 2,500 Dan-Wood houses per year. Our company has over 2,000 employees and is the biggest manufacturer of timber-frame turn-key energy-efficient houses in Poland.

Basically, what we’ve got is exactly what we asked for, and a dream you could never have imagined. We love our Dan‑Wood house – it’s our home!
Colin and Jeannie

Over the past 20 years, our company has changed a lot, but our values and philosophy have always remained the same. Discover how we combine modernity with respect for tradition at danwoodstory.uk

Dan-Wood History - the pioneers in turn-key house-building

An agricultural construction company is founded in Bielsk Podlaski.

The product range is adapted to focus on corporate and public buildings.

Unibud Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is established.

Construction activities extend to Warsaw and Russia.

Budimex, the largest Polish construction group, bacomes general owner of Unibud; acquisition of Danish technology for constructing timber framed prefabricated houses; initial contact with the Danish company, Dan-Wood House.

Construction of the first prefabricated house in Germany.

Reorganisation of the production and sales structures to meet international standards based on ISO 9002; awarded the ISO 9002 certificate.

Acquisition of a new Swedish production line for timber framed prefabricated houses.

Integration of Unibud into the Budimex GroupAward of the RAL mark of quality by the Bundesgütegemeinschaft Montagebau and Fertigäuser e.V. (German Association for Quality Assurance for manufactured building and prefabricated houses) Award of the ISO 9001

Establishment of a German Unibud branch in Berlin.

Acquisition of the Dan-Wood House brand and sales stucture.

Recignition of the quality and latest technology of Dan-Wood House products from European institutes and organisations; the houses are awarded the title "Europroduct".

Establishment of a Unibud branch in the UK (based in Edinburgh).

Establishment of a Unibud branch in AustriaSecond place in the reader competition organised by the German specialist magazine "Das Einfamilienhaus" ("The Detached House") for the "Arte 220" house project.

Production shifted to cutting-edge computer-controlled production plants.

Parent company Budimex rebrands to BUDIMEX DANWOOD Ltd.

Budimex Danwood Ltd becomes Danwood Ltd under its new owner, Enterprise Investors, one of the largest firms managing private equity and venture capital funds in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

Dan-Wood Ltd changes its legals status to become publicly listed company, Danwood Plc.

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The Company

Most Dan-Wood houses are built in Germany, where it is one of the country’s top suppliers of turn-key houses.

The Dan-Wood House brand is now also recognised throughout the European Union and other countries, with houses being built in Austria, Switzerland and the UK.