This is why we invite our clients to attend our Open Days when you can visit either a completed Dan-Wood house, or one that is under construction Visit Current Projects. This way, you can view both the interior and exterior at leisure, review the options for size and layout, and see at first hand the quality, craftsmanship and energy-efficiency which goes into building a Dan-Wood home.

Your Dan-Wood agent can make arrangements for any of these options and would accompany you to the location, wherever it is in the UK.

Many clients who intend to build in the south of England have taken the time to visit Dan-Wood houses in Scotland, and vice versa. They all agree it was well worth the investment before making such an important decision. 

To find out more about our Open Days, or the location and style of Dan-Wood houses which are available to visit, please check in the News section or contact us

Visit construction sites or completed Dan-Wood houses

Dan-Wood has been building houses all over the UK since 2004. It’s often possible to visit the site of a Dan-Wood house when it’s actually being constructed. Please contact us if you would like to visit this site.

It may also be possible to visit a Dan-Wood house which is currently occupied, providing the owner gives permission.

To discuss the possibility of visiting a Dan-Wood house in your area, whether it is under construction or currently occupied, please contact us